Sunday, 3 October 2010

Norman's Law, Dunbog Parish

The view from Norman's Law,Fife towards the 'Silvery Tay', the Tay Rail Bridge and Dundee. Situated near to Newburgh,it has always been a sparsely populated parish taking it's name from Dunbog Hill the original name for Norman's Law. The Gaelic placename for fort or hill of the bog appropriately describes the remains of an Iron Age fort on the summit surrounded by bog before the 19th century drainage and agricultural improvements. A pleasant walk from Luthrie follows an old road used by the monks of Balmerino Abbey passes many interesting old farm steadings and old do'cots with views towards the Lomond Hills and Largo Law .The parish is only 4 miles long by 1.5 miles at it's widest.

Dunbog District No:423
County Fife

OPR records:

Births: 1695-1698, 1705-1855 

Marriages: 1705-1854

Deaths: 1823-1853 (burials)

Commissariot.  St Andrews and Edinburgh
Earliest Testaments.  1549 and 1596
Sherrif Court. Cupar SC 20


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